Jogador do Vasco é citado pela revista FourFourTwo como um dos 40 melhores jovens do futebol mundial na atualidade

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Roger Ferreira‏ @RogerFerreira74
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O meia @MateusViital está entre os 40 melhores atletas jovens do futebol mundial na atualidade pela conceituada revista inglesa FourFourTwo.

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🎽 Mateus Vital
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Fonte: Twitter do assessor de imprensa Roger Ferreira‏
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31. Mateus Vital (Vasco da Gama)

Need to know: Vital has already experienced more ups and downs than his division-yo-yoing club. As a five-year-old he joined Vasco da Gama; aged nine he witnessed his mother being fatally shot.

Football was always his escape, and the playmaker thrived for Brazil’s U15s before being promoted to his club’s first team.

Vasco were relegated into Serie B, with Mateus demoted back to the youth team – but after inheriting their No.10 shirt in July, things have been looking up for the wispy right-footer.

Highlight so far: Belatedly broke his Vasco duck – two years after his debut – with the winner against Gremio in September.

Fonte: FourFourTwo
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